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We ask that the small parking lot on Court Street be used primarily for those with mobility issues. The parking lot entrance is wheelchair accessible.

For all others, free parking is available in the following locations:

  • In front of the church on Clinton Avenue, on both sides of the street

  • In any metered spots

  • On the opposite side of Court Street in the pull-off in front of the Xerox building

  • In the Court Street and Washington Square parking garages

You may enter through the front door on Clinton Street.


On weekdays and Saturdays, the left side of our parking lot (facing REOC) is rented. Please refrain from parking in those spaces.


The right side of the our parking lot (along the building) has a limited number of spaces for employees, volunteers, and visitors. If the spaces are taken, parking is available for a small fee at meters surrounding Washington Square Park and at the parking garages on Court Street and Woodbury Blvd. On-street parking is available only in the pull-off in front of the Xerox building, and is limited to 15 minutes.

On weekdays during church office hours, please ring the bell at the parking lot entrance. Someone will come to the door.

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