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Reopening Update!
Through the end of January 2022, we will be holding all Sunday Services online only via Zoom!


All are welcome to worship with us virtually via Zoom!

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Due to COVID-19 we will be holding our Drop-In Discussions online.
Our Drop-In Discussions are held virtually on Tuesday evenings.

Our Monthly Worship Themes

Each month we explore a specific theme in our Sunday Worship services, Midweek Meditations, and occasional Drop-In Discussions.

Explore with us this church year!

2021-2022 Church Year

July: N/A

August: N/A

September: Presence

October: Accepting Loss

November: Bridging the Divide

December: Casting a Light in the Darkness

January: Courage

February: Purpose

March: Spiritual Maturity

April: Grace

May: Experimentation

June: TBA

Upcoming Services

January 2022

January 2 | Re-Gathering by the Fire

At the beginning of this New Year, let us pause to reflect on what our intentions are for the next year ahead and what we have learned from the past year. There will be a fire communion ritual of intention-setting. Let's collectively cozy up to the fire and think on what has transpired in the year behind us.

— Rev. Lane Campbell

January 9 | The Problem with Courage...

The loudest voices in the room can be considered the most courageous.  Courage can become a standard folks felt held to in a way that bars access to one's own authenticity. To be courageous is celebrated. Cowardice is a source of shame. How does this false binary function in our lives?

— Rev. Lane Campbell

January 16 | Courageous Grieving

The title of a Galen Tipton song about the courage to leave that which no longer serves us and the courage to grieve those endings. Let us explore what is courageous about grieving.

— Rev. Lane Campbell

January 23 | Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Verdis LeVar Robinson, member and seminarian sponsored by First Universalist, will share his story of bringing an unexpected guest to a family dinner. How can we stand on the side of love and cultivate relationships that accept and empower authenticity and realness in our own lives and the lives of our loved ones? How do we become a beloved community that not only welcomes all but affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all?

—  Verdis LeVar Robinson

January 30 | Cultivating Courage

Courageousness is not something any one of us is blessed with without a little practice and work. How can we cultivate courageousness in our everyday lives? What pulls us towards courageous action?

— Rev. Lane Campbell

*First Universalist has a long-standing tradition of having one Sunday sermon a month be presented by someone other than our minister. Our lay-led services give our minister well-deserved unscheduled time, as well as allowing us to share our individual spiritual journeys, experiences and diverse world views, which is an important part of our rich Unitarian Universalist heritage.

Update on First Universalist’s Response to 
Increases COVID-19 Cases in Monroe County

The COVID Task Force together with the Executive Committee of our Board has concluded the risks are at present too great to continue with in-person Sunday services, Thursday concerts, and meetings in our building for the remainder of January.


Effectively immediately, all Sunday services and meetings will revert to online only.

Throughout the month our Board and Task Force will monitor the situation carefully and make decisions about next steps. The Board will give an update during the last week of January regarding plans beyond January 30.

The decision was a hard one to make, as we have been so delighted to return to our building. On the other hand, we welcome the chance to be together again as we stay safely in our homes and see one another on our screens.

In the meantime, we urge you to get your booster shot if you have not already done so, and wear KN95 masks or better for protection when in public. 

- First Universalist COVID Task Force