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Via Zoom:

Via Phone: Dial 1-646-558-8656, and enter meeting ID 131-764-42

All are welcome to worship with us virtually via Zoom, or in-person in our beautiful sanctuary!

Sign up to be an Usher and/or Greeter in-person!

Since we are back in the building, we are in need of in-person Ushers and Greeters! Sign up to be an in-person usher and/or greeter here:

We have been holding our Drop-In Discussions online, but we will also be having an in-person Drop-In Discussion on the first Sunday of each month! We take a break from our in-person drop-in-discussions over the summer, but will resume them in September. We hope to see you virtually or in-person!

Our Drop-In Discussions are held virtually on Tuesday evenings, and in-person on the first Sunday of each month at 9:15am in the Chalice room.

Upcoming Services

September 2023

September 3 | Only Thing You Can Count On Is Change

Our one guarantee in life is that change WILL happen. Join the “Fearsome Threesome”: Kitty Forbush, Patti Goodwin and Tom Williams, who will try to tackle this subject.

This service begins at 10am

— Tom Williams, Patti Goodwin, & Kitty Forbush

The rest of the September Sunday Services begin at 10:30am

September 10 | Water Communion

Join us for our annual water communion ritual!

— First Universalist Worship Associates

September 17 | Tuning Back In

With all of the noise swirling around us in our day-to-day lives, how do we practice tuning into our inner selves? For some of us this involves meditation, prayer, or some other internal process. For others of us, connecting with the outside world is just what we need. Together we will explore what our core beings need and how we might tune back in to tend to them.

— Rev. Margaret Weis

September 24 | A Life of Integrity

What does it mean to live a life with integrity and how does our definition of the ideal shape the ways we live into it? Join us for a service where we explore these ideas together.

— Rev. Margaret Weis

*First Universalist has a long-standing tradition of having one Sunday sermon a month be presented by someone other than our minister. Our lay-led services give our minister well-deserved unscheduled time, as well as allowing us to share our individual spiritual journeys, experiences and diverse world views, which is an important part of our rich Unitarian Universalist heritage.

Our Monthly Worship Themes

We explore a variety of specific themes in our Sunday Worship services, and occasional Drop-In Discussions.

Explore with us this church year!

2023-2024 Church Year Themes

July: N/A

August: N/A

September & October: Belonging Together

November & December: Rest

January & February: Staying Soft

March & April: Living in Between

May & June: Unabashed Joy

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