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Draw the Circle Wide by Mark A. Miller

Performed by the First Universalist Church of Rochester Virtual Choir

Brock Tjosvold, music director/piano, Brian Mumey, video design, Jerald J. Creer, Deaf ASL Interpreter

When you step into our sanctuary, you'll notice painted tapestries, stained glass windows, the glint of organ pipes, and the history behind the wooden floors and pews.  But when a note is played, a chord is struck, or a voice is lifted, you'll feel the beauty and warmth of this sacred space.  Music is an essential part of worship here at First Universalist.  It helps us to go "beyond words."  Musical selections cover a broad range of styles and genres, from classical to contemporary to folk, and are carefully selected by our Music Director to reflect that Sunday's theme. Our choir rehearses every Sunday morning from September to June, and their voices regularly fill the sanctuary during service. Our congregation is blessed with many talented musicians, and we are especially grateful to have Keith Stott, a living composer in our congregation. 


Eastman At Washington Square - Fall 2023 Season

We enjoy hosting free concerts presented by the Eastman School of Music every Thursday at 12:15 p.m. throughout the school year, running for roughly 30-45 minutes. The complete schedule can be found at the Eastman Community Music School website.  Admission is free.  

Spring 2024 Performances: TBA!

January 12

Musique Francaise
Celebrate the start of a new year, and a new season of Eastman at Washington Square, with clarinetist Andrew Brown and pianist Irina Lupines.

Our Hope-Jones, Opus 2 Pipe Organ Circa 1908

Robert Hope-Jones is not exactly a household name, yet his innovations in organ building have profoundly influenced the history of the instrument in the 20th century. First Universalist is very fortunate to be connected with the Hope-Jones legacy in a very significant way, for it possesses one of the few surviving Hope-Jones organs in its original form.

Our "No Hell Players" recorder group plus vocalists from the choir make music for a summer service.

Our "No Hell Players" recorder group plus vocalists from the choir make music for a summer service.

Three musicians playing music in a church, creating harmonious melodies that resonate with the sacred atmosphere.

Enjoy a free concert presented by

Eastman at Washington Square

every Thursday (October - May) at 12:15pm.

Witness the beauty of community music-making with a group playing piano in the First Universalist Church of Rochester.

Music for our summer services is volunteer driven. Every Sunday is a unique and wonderful surprise!

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