First Universalist church has been a vibrant presence in the city of Rochester for 175 years. If we think 2020 was a difficult year, think of what our forbearers have encountered—wars, epidemics, racial injustice, doctrinal discord, social unrest, sexual discrimination, and more. With focus and determination, First Universalist has pressed “Forward Through the Ages,” meeting each new challenge head-on for nearly two centuries.


Maintaining the “unbroken line” of commitment and caring requires consistent support from each of us. Our annual Stewardship campaign is the primary source of funding for the church. We are a small

congregation, so each of us is called upon to do our part, to be as dedicated and generous as we can. We may not be in the church building this year, but it still takes money to maintain the infrastructure and pay our dedicated staff.


Your pledge represents your financial commitment to the church, to be paid between July 2021 and June 2022. Please return your pledge cards by April 11 so we can plan for the reopening of our beloved, historic

sanctuary in 2021. Every pledge, regardless of its size, supports the success of our ministries.

Thank you,

Brian Mumey, Kathi Milch & Jim Milch

2021 Stewardship Co-chairs