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Slow-Rolling Service Auction!

How can YOU help generate.....

  • FUN


  • FUNDS to help our church

             Without breaking a sweat?

It’s our Slow-Rolling Service Auction!

Why is it “Slow-Rolling?” Because instead of a single day of intense bidding competition, you will have more than a week to peruse offerings and sign up for services and events.

Here’s how to participate:


Do you want to host a special dinner or online event for church folks? Can you offer a service, such as housecleaning, gardening, or pet-sitting? Please fill out the donation form on this page, or this printable paper form.

Deadline for donations is Sunday, January 15, 2023

  • “SHOP”

A catalogue of offerings will be available at by Friday, January 20. Take a look at what you might like to do, and create a “wish list!” You can find the catalogue here!

  • BUY

Starting after the service on Sunday, January 22, you can sign up for the offerings in the Clara Barton Lounge. During the first week, we ask that you sign up for no more than two events or services to give everyone a chance to participate.


Please use this proxy form! Indicate and rank your choices, and one of our proxy team will sign you up for your selections.
Please note that proxy selections must be emailed by 5pm on the Saturday prior to each Sunday sign up.... so don’t wait to make your choices!

  • PAY

We ask that you pay what you can for your selections. If this were a true auction, what would your high bid be? If you’d like to come but can’t swing a high “bid,” pay what you can, but participate! Checks To First Universalist are preferred.



Sign ups will continue on Sunday, January 29 after the service.

Questions? Contact
Katherine Flynn, Paula Marchese, and Ann Rhody

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