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Small Group Ministry

Join a Small Group Ministry - If you haven’t taken the opportunity to be a part of a small group ministry thus far, now is a great time to stay connected this way for support, spiritual nourishment, and sharing with one another. 

To sign up, click this link to an Availability Survey.

Small Group Ministry is designed to foster connection and caring, to provide an avenue for personal growth and spiritual development, and ultimately, to strengthen the fabric of our church community by exploring various topics.


Our Small Groups are open to anyone who wishes to participate. All that is required is that participants commit to attending regularly for a season, usually six sessions. Sometimes, groups continue for longer periods of time. Each group is led by a trained facilitator. At this time, we have groups that meet in person at church, groups meet online via Zoom, and groups that meet in a member’s backyard when the weather allows. Groups meet twice a month for either one and a half or two hours each session.


A typical Small Group Ministry session begins with opening words and a chalice lighting, followed by a check-in. There is a different focus each session, and the facilitator has questions prepared to get discussion started. Each person has opportunities to contribute to the discussion, and to listen to others' perspectives. The session ends with feedback from participants about the session, with closing words as the chalice is extinguished.

Quotes from those who have participated:

"Small Group Ministry helps me build personal relationships."

"Small Group Ministry has connected me more to the church community."

"Small Group Ministry goes beyond coffee hour.  It lets me explore my faith."

New Small Groups form during various times throughout the year. Contact to find out when the next session begins.
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